3D Airsoft Camping Pillow

3D Airsoft Camping Pillow

A fantastic addition to your James Baroud rooftop tent

3D Airsoft Camping Pillow

‘A camping pillow that feels like home'

Have you ever wanted to just have one, insanely comfortable pillow for camping and all your travel needs, one you can leave in your tent, your travel bag or the caravan, and it is not a tiny stow away fold up pillow?

We have the answer.  The 3D Airsoft pillow is perfect for camping and also genral travel both in the car and on the plane, it is lightweight and fits perfectly into your backpack or travel bag. It’s best feature isn’t the insane comfort, it’s the 3D spacer fibre material that offers the ability for the pillow to have constant airflow through the pillow, it is mould proof and easy to clean!  Perfect for the hot Aussie nights. 


  • Our 3D Airsoft pillow uses the advanced 3D air mesh technology
  • The 3D spacer fibre material improves on traditional sleep technology - our pillows are easy to clean, airtight, mould proof, bacteriostatic, and provide an increased service life, especially on the road with many nights camping
  • Perfect air flow to avoid sweaty head in the Aussie summer
  • The butterfly shape provides sufficient support for head & neck
  • Compact and comfortable, the pillow is perfect for leaving in your JAMES BAROUD rooftop tent so you are ready for a good nights sleep in no time at all
  • Completely washable and dry swiftly for a clean and hygienic design 
  • Provides no accommodation for bacteria, mites or mildews


Core: 100% polyester spacer mesh using 3D spacer fibre material
Cover: Polyester spacer mesh


Weight: 600 g
Fill Type: 3D Spacer Fibre Material
Thickness: 10cm
Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 10 cm
Stuff Sack: Spacer mesh using 3D space fibre material
Cover: Polyester space mesh

Freight included in our price. 


Cost: $66.00 (inc freight)

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3D airsoft pillow


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