The awning is made with same aluminized fabric than ‘James Baroud’ tents making them waterproof and the most efficient awing in term of insulation (4 to 6° compared to a standard canvas).

Very compact, bag-less, they roll into itself in one firm square shape. This can be fitted to most roof bars or roof racks. (extra fitting parts might be required).

2.00m wide x 2.70m from the vehicle.

awning01 awning03

Side Walls

3 panels side walls can be fitted directly on the awing to give you a full enclosed tent.


Tunnel Awning

New from January 2018, this innovative solution comes from the James Baroud drawing  board.
The NEW Awning have an opening designed in it. It can be used alone as a standard awning
leaving the opening closed.
Then you have the Tunnel: a hood that is mounted on top of the tent when needed and
attached with Velcro to the opening of the awning.
You can thus have the benefit of an awning and directly go inside your tent as the ladder fits
inside the opening and through the tunnel.
 It gives a perfect coverage of the entrance when it rains.
Available for most of James Baroud Roof top models.

Note: On the Espace model, the Tunnel can only be fitted on the left side.

The 2018 Awnings is designed with a tunnel hole that can be opened to access the tent. It has attachments to fit the Tunnel on top of it if you wish to cover the entrance of the tent.

tunnel01 tunnel02 tunnel03 tunnel04tunnel09 tunnel0tunnel01 tunnel02 tunnel03 tunnel04

Tunnel Awning for Espace

tunnel espace01 tunnel espace02

tunnel espace03