Awnings that offer convenience, quality and comfort

Awnings that offer convenience, quality and comfort

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Awnings You Can Be Confident In

When it comes to venturing into the outdoos, having reliable equipment is paramount.  In Australia, that peice of equipment that you see on countless vehicles in the bush, campgrounds and most remote parts of the country, is the car awning.  And the awning that stands above all else for quality, warraty and customer support is the James Baroud range of awnings.

A James Baroud awning for your car or trailer is an excellent idea in Australia and New Zealand climates for several reasons:

Protection from Harsh Weather Conditions: The patented James Baroud layered aluminised canvas provides protection from the harsh sun we face but also offers great insulating properties in the cold Australia and New Zealand winters.  A James Baroud awning provides a sheltered space, shielding you from rain, harsh sun, or even light snow, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Enhanced Outdoor Living: With a James Baroud awning, you can extend your living space beyond the confines of your vehicle. All our awnings, both Frontier range for the Odyssey and the Evolution line comes with the option of fully waterproof walls and netting.  It provides a covered area for cooking, dining, or simply relaxing, making your outdoor experience more enjoyable and versatile.

Quick and Easy Setup: James Baroud awnings are designed for rapid deployment. Their user-friendly features and simple setup process ensure that you can have shelter in a matter of minutes, minimizing hassle and maximizing convenience. Our Standard 250 and Standard 200 awnings are lightweight, 9kg for the Awning 200 and 11kg for the Awning 250 (both Odyssey compatible as well).

Durable and High-Quality Materials: James Baroud is known for using premium materials in their products. Their awnings are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, from rugged terrains to varying weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.  We back this with our 2 year Awning warranty.

Additional Privacy: In crowded camping areas or during roadside stops, having an awning provides an extra degree of privacy. It creates a designated space for you and your companions to relax, eat, or change, away from prying eyes.  Our Shower Cabin Awning provides this privacy, plus a perfect otpion to located your camp shower.  See it here.

Complements Rooftop Tents: If you have a James Baroud rooftop tent, the awning can serve as a perfect companion. It creates a seamless transition from the interior of your tent to an outdoor living area, offering a comprehensive camping experience.  The Baroud 270 is the ultimate wning for all your overlanding.  With 10m/sq over you can feel relaxed that you have ample space to relax and enjoy your stay!

Suitable for Various Vehicles: James Baroud awnings are designed to be adaptable to a range of vehicles, including cars, trailers, and 4x4s. This versatility means you can enjoy the benefits of an awning regardless of your mode of transportation.

Versatility for Various Activities: Whether you're camping, hiking, fishing, or participating in other outdoor activities, a James Baroud awning offers a versatile and convenient space. It can serve as a basecamp, a place to store gear, or a spot to seek refuge from the elements.

The James Baroud awning is a valuable addition to your outdoor equipment, btoh in Australia and New Zealand. It not only provides protection from the elements but also enhances your overall outdoor experience, making it a practical and worthwhile investment for any adventure.

100% European designed and manufctured, the quality can be seen, not only as soon as you install your awning, but years into the future.

Happy camping with our quality James Baroud range.

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