James Baroud Rooftop Tent Price Guide

James Baroud Rooftop Tent Price Guide

James Baroud is a company with over twenty years of experience in 4WD adventure. Check the James Baroud rooftop tent price guide to look for rooftop tents.

James Baroud Rooftop Tent Price Guide

Only a few years ago, Rooftop tents were considered a luxury item and only for those who had a larger budget on their hands. When rooftop tents first came out, they were expensive. They were more costly than traditional ground tents, but the luxury and convenience were considered worthy of the higher outlay. Fortunately, newer and more affordable models came out because of their convenience and growing popularity. Many avid campers and backpackers in Australia can now enjoy a luxurious and elevated camping experience thanks to James Baroud’s rooftop tents. James Baroud is a premium European quality rooftop tent company with over twenty years of experience in 4WD adventure. Check the James Baroud rooftop tent price guide to look for rooftop tents. 

James Baroud Rooftop Tent Price: Softshell Tents 

If you are contemplating if a rooftop tent is for you, you can start with the softshell tent of James Baroud. James Baroud Australia offers a variety of softshell and hardshell rooftop tents. Begin your 4WD rooftop adventure with the Vision Horizon softshell tent. The Vision Horizon is the highest quality softshell rooftop tent in the market. It is also the most affordable James Baroud rooftop tent price for the highest quality. The Vision Horizon, made with an all-aluminium structure that does not erode and synthetic fabric that is water and UV-damage resistant. The outer shell structure maximizes overhead space and does not sag.  

Hardshell Tents 

If you want to go for a hardshell rooftop tent but are a little limited on the budget, worry not. Discover and Espace are hardshell tops that conveniently open on one side. They are price-friendly hardshell rooftop tents you can find with world-class European build quality. Discovery is the entry-level hardshell rooftop tent at the most affordable price. Furthermore, if you want the full hardshell rooftop amenities, you can check the Evasion, Explorer, and Grand Raid Evolution. It only takes 5 to 10 seconds to erect them by releasing the catches and 30 seconds to stow them away. Naturally, their price range increases as their internal space get more extensive. In particular, the Grand Raid XXL has the largest James Baroud rooftop tent price tag with a sleeping area suitable for three adults. 

Rooftop tents are the next-level camping or outdoor experience. All James Baroud tents are waterproof, wind-resistant, and provide good ventilation. Additionally, they are made with the highest quality materials to withstand extreme weather conditions. You can assure that the James Baroud rooftop tent prices are worth the extra cost than a ground tent for the quality and ease of use they offer. Check out the authorized dealers at the James Baroud Australian website for the complete price list.

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