Best roof top tent camping in Australia

James Baroud: Premium Quality European Roof Top Tent

James Baroud brings the quality of European build roof top tents to Australia and New Zealand with extensive experience in research and design.

James Baroud: Premium Quality European Roof Top Tent

The view is always better at the top. For the past couple of years, roof top tents have been the latest trend for campers and adventure enthusiasts. Roof top tents are a great camping accessory fitted to the roof of any motor vehicle, they are built extremely robust and suit all four-wheel-drive and station wagon vehicles. Unpredictable weather? Unfavourable ground conditions? You don’t need to worry about where to set up camp. Yearning for adventure in the great outdoors is exciting. But there’s more to rooftop tents than just being on top.

Why James Baroud?

James Baroud brings the quality of European built roof top tents to Australia and New Zealand. James Baroud is a European company with over twenty years of extensive experience in research, design, and product development of quality roof top tents and accessories. They are a team of 4WD adventurers who love and know what it is like to camp in the great outdoors in all weather conditions. Furthermore, all the James Baroud products meet ISO standards and are guaranteed premium quality.

One of the main advantages is that our roof top tents will save you a lot of space. Not only will it give you more room inside your vehicle for other camping accessories, it gives you more room wherever you are camping. It is impressively quick and easy to use. Unlike the ground tents that take time to set up, setting up a rooftop tent only takes minutes. The James Baroud patented automatic opening system lets you erect your hard-shell rooftop tents in only 30 seconds and 1 minute to stow away. It gives you more time and flexibility to do other activities.

James Baroud Roof Top Tents

James Baroud offers soft and hard shell roof top tents to suit your camping needs. The Vision Horizon tent is the first soft-sided tent to include hydraulic struts, which are helpful in opening and closing the tent. It even has an extra room for storage of small items like shoes. Discovery is the entry-level hard shell roof top tents of James Baroud. It is perfect if you’re starting out on a 4WD adventure and are on a budget. Evasion, Explorer, Espace, and Grand Raid XXL are all hard-shell tents suited for the pros and first timers alike. They are available in a variety of dimensions and complete in accessories.

All James Baroud roof top tents offer luxurious space, excellent ventilation, wind resistance, 365 degree views and waterproof materials to withstand harsh weather conditions. The tents are composed of all aluminum gas struts, with a 6 layer fiberglass shell with a gelcoat finish for maximum lightness and strength, providing durability and support across the whole body of the tent. Its convenience, ease of use, quick setup time, and renowned European quality make James Baroud a proud innovator and leader in outdoor adventure.

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