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Premium quality + value for money

Roof top tents have revolutionised the way we experience the great outdoors. Among the premium offerings in this category, James Baroud stands tallest, both literally and figuratively. While the price tag may initially seem steep, we would like to educate everyone on the reasons why investing in a James Baroud roof top tent is a decision well worth considering, either for the lap around Oz or NZ, or offering you the easy weekend getaway, every weekend if you desire! 

Baroud 270 Awning

Awnings You Can Be Confident In

When it comes to venturing into the outdoos, having reliable equipment is paramount.  In Australia, that peice of equipment that you see on countless vehicles in the bush, campgrounds and most remote parts of the country, is the car awning.  And the awning that stands above all else for quality, warraty and customer support is the James Baroud range of awnings.

A few of our most Frequestly Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the world.  We are not so big that you get lost in a sea of call-centre responses, and we are not so small that you are an afterthought.  Your happiness and adventures are our #1 priority.  

Sean Scott's Simple Outback Set-up

Camp more sustainably with James Baroud

We love camping, we love adventure, and we love the outdoors, which makes it in our best interest to look after and preserve the wild places we play.

One of the best and most efficient ways to do this is to purchase the best and highest quality products you can afford. These products, rooftop tents in our world, on the whole, will not only last for longer, therefore reducing your need to purchase the same product again, but it also helps your hip pocket in the long run as well.

Buy With Confidence

Auto Bivouac are committed to preserve the integrity and reputation of the James Baroud group through the delivery of professional advice, excellent customer service and ongoing after sales support.

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