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If you've enjoyed traveling with your James Baroud tent, we'd love to hear about, drop us a line and let us know about your experiences.

Here's what some of our customers had to say. You can email your feedback using our contact page.

{blockquote}"Hi Guys, just a note to let you know how much I enjoy using the RTT (roof top tent), we have had some great trips. The ease of setup and packup of this tent is absolutly perfect, been in some cold wet and windy conditions without any hassles.Thanks for the great product.”{/blockquote-name | David Stripeikis}

{blockquote} Best thing I brought was this rooftop camper. I'm so happy with our rooftop camper we have used it so much. 5 weeks in WA on the Gibb River Road and Cape Leveque. 2 adults and two kids 6 and 2 year old sleep comfortably. It's sealed so well we have been in Darwin with the wet season and opened it up and not one leak or mould. Best thing I ever brought. Recommend to anyone. {/blockquote-name | From Kristy}

{blockquote}"I set off from Margaret River with my James Baroud roof tent mounted on a roof rack, for a few days around Albany and Esperance for the long weekend.The weather could best be described as very wet, in varying degrees of wetness!  It is a five hour trip from where I live in Margaret River to the camping spot at Two Peoples Bay, just the other side of Albany.  It rained non-stop, from light drizzle to torrential stuff, necessitating low speeds down to 40-50 kph on the South Coast Highway.On arrival, I put the tent up, a quick ten-second pop the top, to inspect inside.  Surely it had to have taken some water inside, given what it had been subjected to, but no, not one drop inside the tent. This was late afternoon on the Friday, and the weather just got worse.  In fact, Albany had one of its heaviest rainfalls ever for June, over 150mm in that 24-hour period, which provided for a cheerful start to the long weekend!That night a storm hit, and continued right through the night – sheet lightning, rolling thunder, and continuous heavy rain.  Not only did the tent provide some warmth, it also did not take in any water at all, despite some strong winds which came with the rain. If anybody ever wants a true reference as to how this product performs in bad weather, please feel free to get them to contact me.I have to say I am absolutely delighted with what I have bought, and it is most definitely, without question, weather-proof. " {/blockquote-name | Nick Christie, WA}

{blockquote}"Attached photos fyi. [see our gallery]. Its a ripper - we're very happy with it ! ..."{/blockquote-name | Ross & Helna, Darwin}

{blockquote}"... I am very happy with the quality of the roof top tent and it has surpassed my expectation which have been based on the Maggiolina Tents ...”{/blockquote-name | Peter, Clarkson WA}

{blockquote}"... all in all, you have provided some of the best service I have experienced and It's when things go wrong when service is important. I look forward to continuing doing business together and to meeting you in Melbourne ...”{/blockquote-name | Basil, Brighton VIC}

{blockquote}"Among my friends or my customers, nearly all of them use James Baroud equipment. As for me, I can not imagine going with an other brand. I do not wish to have emergency repairs to do during my trips. For my comfort and my peace of mind, I did choose James Baroud. Until now, I never have had to regret it”{/blockquote-name |JEAN DA SILVA : Famous pilot and Paris-Dakar Rally winner, Jean Da Silva cannot count all the events that he has participated during his 20 years, either as a pilot or co-pilot. An icon of the rally world.}

{blockquote}" I followed my brother for several years on many Rallies. In 1999 I wanted to offer myself a little comfort and bought a James Baroud roof top tent. It is on all of my journeys since 9 years and it is permanently on my Toyota … For me it is a real great product.”
 Read in TLC magazine 17{/blockquote-name | JEAN-PAUL SCHLESSER : French racing driver with experience in circuit racing and cross-country rallying. He is known for his successful wins of many different competitions.}

"We use a James Baroud tent since 5 years, and it gives us complete satisfaction. The advantage is that the bed is ready when we open it, and still ready when we stow it. We never sleep in motels, when we go for 5 to 7 weeks in summer, it does handle very well the heat (in Iran, up to 52°c) as the cold and the rain (Scandinavia). The bed is very comfortable?
We go next summer for a months holiday and we're going to buy a new James Baroud tent, the Explorer Evo model which has got an automatic opening thanks to struts. Also with 4 openings, we can use the roof rack ladder and so we do not need the ladder any more (save room). This tents, unlike the Autohome Maggio, can have a 50 kg load that we do not need to unload when erecting the tent. We have also installed a very practical warming system for the cold countries. The hard shell does allow us to go under trees without fear of tearing the canvas.
The cost is easily covered by saving on motel bills, and we insist on the fact that the mattress is much more comfortable than in many motels".{/blockquote-name | Virginie, Lyon-France}

{blockquote}"Roof top tents, a wide subject to talk about. In my opinion, it offers the advantage of a spacious and comfortable bedding, and is quick and easy to erect.
They are many different models, and two main types : the cubic as the Autohome Maggio and the James Baroud Explorer, and the “wallet” type as the Autohome Columbus and the James Baroud “Discovery”. I personally think that the “cubic” one is really better. It is so easy to erect and stow, the waterproofing is better, it makes a good luggage box in the tent, and on the luggage rack on top.
The best as for quality is (along my experience) the J.Baroud. Several models are available. An important point is to check where the openings are mounted in relation to the vehicle.
We were suspicious about roof top tents, but being 5 in a VW van, it was a bit short. We did buy a second hand James Baroud tent last year (still over 1,500€), and then we spent 6 weeks in Norway, and we have been delighted. Quick set up, the bedding is always ready, very good wind and rain resistance, no condensation. On the bad : to store the ladder (impossible in the tent, because of the height of our vehicle), and when we have to wee in the night, it is always the one on opposite site of the ladder who needs !!! as for the cuddles, we have to be ZEN, otherwise we will wake up all the vehicle !!!{/blockquote-name | Marc, Bordeaux}

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