About Auto Bivouac

About Auto Bivouac

Jean-Marie and Valerie

JMandVNThe first thing you need to know about Jean-Marie and Valerie, founders of Auto Bivouac, is that they are fellow travellers. The type of people you meet on the road who will help you change a tyre, or invite you over for a cup of tea, the type of travellers who remain good friends when the trip is over.

A French couple, well seasoned in international travel they have retired to the north coast of NSW and continue to travel the length and breadth of Australia.

Their extensive travels have led them to discover the benefits of using a James Baroud rooftop tent, which evolved into a professional commitment with the formation of Auto Bivouac, now sole distributors for James Baroud, France.

While impressed by the innovative design and quality of James Baroud rooftop tents, it was the concept and freedom that won them over. All the bedding and shelter is on the roof, there's even room for other storage inside the hulls, it can be set up in less than 10 seconds and stowed away in less than 30 seconds.

This changed the way they travelled, extra room inside their 4WD, sleeping accommodation whenever required and unemcumbered by towing, they could now access locations previously impossible.

Auto Bivouac celebrates the love of travel and camping. You will be dealing with someone who uses and tests the products in actual 4WD touring conditions as a fellow traveller.

As owners of Auto Bivouac, Jean-Marie and Valerie stand proudly by the James Baroud reputation and their products.


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Auto Bivouac are committed to preserve the integrity and reputation of the James Baroud group through the delivery of professional advice, excellent customer service and ongoing after sales support.