Founded in Porto, Portugal, James Baroud has been perfecting the art of rooftop tent design since 1998.

Through sourcing the most advanced raw materials from the EU and maintaining traditional craftsmanship, we ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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Finally, a full blackout solution for your tent!

A blackout tent offers a sanctuary of unparalleled tranquility and comfort in the great outdoors. With its ability to block out sunlight entirely, the new James Baroud Odyssey roof top tent transforms even the brightest day into a peaceful night, ideal for those who crave restorative sleep or wish to escape the sweltering heat of the day. 

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How much is a James Baroud roof top tent?

Roof top tents have revolutionised the way we experience the great outdoors. Among the premium offerings in this category, James Baroud stands tallest, both literally and figuratively. While the price tag may initially seem steep, we would like to educate everyone on the reasons why investing in a James Baroud roof top tent is a decision well worth considering, either for the lap around Oz or NZ, or offering you the easy weekend getaway, every weekend if you desire! 

Awnings that offer convenience, quality and comfort

When it comes to venturing into the outdoos, having reliable equipment is paramount.  In Australia, that peice of equipment that you see on countless vehicles in the bush, campgrounds and most remote parts of the country, is the car awning.  And the awning that stands above all else for quality, warraty and customer support is the James Baroud range of awnings.

Our History / Our Story

James Baroud Roof Top Tents and accessories is a European company dedicated to adventure and 4WD travel. With over twenty years of research, design development and testing stand behind their roof top tents and accesories and it shows.